Truss & Frame

      Porters Truss Plant is the biggest in the Central QLD region and produces pre-fabricated roof trusses, pre-fabricated wall frames and pre-fabricated floor trusses.

      The truss and frame centre is a licenced Pryda fabricator. This first-class facility has been continually recognised as industry-best throughout Queensland and Australia.

      Roof trusses up to an 18 metre span

      With the latest release computer saws and modern jig systems, we can manufacture roof trusses up to an 18 metre span with an apex of 3.5 metres high, and wall frames with a height of over 3 metres.

      We employ highly qualified and experienced truss estimators, detailers as well as roof, truss & wall frame assemblers. Our staff are committed to providing the highest quality product and service.

      Our roof trusses, wall frames and floor trusses can be manufactured from a variety of timber including:

      • H2 Treated Machine Graded Pine
      • Machine Graded Pine
      • Hardwood – Kiln Dried and Green

      Our Awards:

      Winner of the TABMA 2010 Best Regional Truss Plant in Queensland